Empire Fighting Chance visit

Wednesday 7th December
Evergreen Primary Academy were lucky enough to have Empire Fighting Chance visit us this morning to explain what they do in our local community. They support children and adults mental health and well being.

Music & art project at the Bristol Beacon

Wednesday 23rd November
Year 6 citizens, from Evergreen Primary Academy took part in a wonderful art and music project with Bristol Beacon at Junction 3. Pupils created their own birds and wrote and performed their own song.

Pupils visit care home

Monday 14th November
  Some of our Pupil Academy Council representatives visited Lincoln Gardens Care Home on Thursday to meet the residents for the first time. The children talked about themselves and found out information about the residents. One Good Turn is an intergenerational linking project with a difference – creating friendships

Evergreen’s Pupil Academy Council visited City Hall

Monday 14th November
  Evergreen’s Pupil Academy Council visited City Hall on Monday, 7th November 2022 to learn about democracy and how to vote on subjects they debated about. The children debated on 3 different subjects – Should school start at 10:00 am. Should playtimes be banned. Should children be allowed to

EID Celebrations in this roundup of recent news

Wednesday 25th May
UK Parliament Democra-tree. Pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy have completed another activity this term – planting their virtual chilli seeds – and their tree is beginning to grow!  Pupils will continue to complete activities for their tree to grow even bigger! They have now completed 3 activities.  When pupils

Mothers Day, Astronomers, Plane Makers and much more in this news roundup

Wednesday 6th April
We are Astronomers Year 5 pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy have been astronomers looking at the night sky and what appears! They found that constellations are groups of stars and used to be used for navigation. Pupils drew out the constellations they might see in the night sky. They

Harbourside visit and more in this week’s roundup

Tuesday 15th March
Bristol Harbourside Trip! Pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy took the train to Temple Meads and loved every minute! They then chartered their own ferry boat to travel across the harbourside to the MV Balmoral where they completed an engineering challenge with real life engineers and learnt all about migration.

Farm visit and more in this week’s roundup

Friday 18th February
Movie Night Friday night is movie night at Evergreen Primary Academy! To celebrate children completed their holiday home work, and held a movie night after school. The children enjoyed popcorn and fruit shoots whilst watching ‘Sonic the Movie’. Climate Change Egg Investigation – The Results! On

Climate change on the agenda in this week’s roundup of news

Friday 4th February
History & Art Takeover Year 6 pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy greatly enjoyed their art and history takeover week with UWE students leading learning in class based on the 1950s. Pupils learnt about influential people of the 1950s, created Roy Lichtenstein inspired art and wrote their own 1950s songs.

We are researchers and more in this week’s roundup of news

Friday 14th January
World Famous Mountain Research Pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy used the ICT Suite incredibly well to support research into world famous mountain ranges across the world. Pupils collaborated fantastically to complete this work and had a great time doing so, and discovered some amazing facts and information about mountain