We are biologists and more in this week’s news roundup

Friday 3rd December
We are actors & directors Year 5 pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy have immersed themselves in the story ‘A Christmas Carol.’ They spent time as actors and directors to ensure they had a knowledge of the plot. Pupils used different fabrics to determine their characters and even used facial

News roundup including pupils see a real life Bear!

Monday 29th November
We are Naturalists Year 5 pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy went to the Wild Place Project to continue and deepen their learning about life cycles. Wild Place Project is a fun family attraction that provides outdoor adventure, play and learning. Meet amazing animals from across the world from the mischievous lemurs

News roundup including Anti-Bullying Week

Friday 19th November
Anti-Bullying Week For Anti-Bullying Week learning afternoon, Pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy created letters using their body. Then they thought about five times somebody has been kind to them. A simple smile and great manners goes along way. Pupils then created anti-bullying posters in the ICT suite. Pupils were encouraged

Weekly news roundup including pupils making clouds!

Friday 12th November
Our very first Immersion Day Yr 6 pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy had a brilliant first immersion day, where they immersed themselves in their new book: Refugee Boy. Refugee Boy is about a boy with parents from Ethiopia and Eritrea. As food is such an important part of Ethiopian culture,

The Mayor came to visit!!

Monday 18th October
The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, visited Evergreen Primary Academy.  He gave two assemblies with Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils and met with the Pupil Academy Council.  The children asked lots of interesting questions and he told them about his role as Mayor of Bristol.

We are Librarians

Monday 11th October
Year 5 have been enjoying their time in the library this term. They have been sorting and organising the books to ensure other classes can access them easily and recommending books to their classmates. They have been enjoying these books daily in our reading for pleasure time.    

Graduation Day

Wednesday 6th October
Year 6 concluded their inspirational IntoUniversity week by “graduating” from the course at the University of Bristol. They enjoyed a tour of the university and their graduation ceremony where children demonstrated their oracy skills by giving performances based on inspirational evolutionary biologists.

We are Geographers

Monday 4th October
Year 2 have been Geographers learning how to use globes, atlases, and a map to identify the British Isles. In this lesson the children were learning about the names of the countries

Year 6 Evergreen Primary Academy’s IntoUniversity week

Wednesday 29th September
Pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy spent a week learning about evolution, influential scientists and university.  Pupils also visited the University of Bristol and “graduated” from their IntoUniversity course. Jon Miller, Year 6 Teacher, English Lead and Mental Health & Well-Being Lead said, “The week was superb fun with lots of

We are scientists!

Friday 24th September
We are scientists! Year 5 have been learning all about the circulatory system in science. They have been testing which blood types are compatible with each other. Toni Dorse Year 5 Teacher, said, “They discussed what makes a fair test and how to ensure we keep safe during science. Well