Great Fire of London comes to life at Evergreen

Great Fire of London comes to life at Evergreen

Year 2 pupils at Evergreen Primary Academy have enjoyed an exciting re-enactment of the infamous Great Fire of London of 1666.

The children set up a miniature version of Pudding Lane in London, with small model houses built close together just like the original street.

After the fire was ignited, they managed to save some of their houses by using techniques used from that time period – buckets of water were used to douse flames, and fire hooks were used to pull down houses to make a gap to stop the fire spreading.

In the end, through their efforts and teamwork, some of the model houses were saved from destruction.

A spokesperson said: “The pupils said they really learned how challenging it was to battle a fire without modern equipment like fire trucks and hoses. Their project brought the historical event to life and taught them about the challenges London faced during the devastating Great Fire.”